Benefits Of As Built Drawings

Building requires a plan done the professional engineers. The engineer comes with a plan and a blue print of the building so that each and every inch can be followed and worked on as per blueprint. This plan guide the Mason’s and electrician on site to coordinate with each other so that the building can come out as planned before the start of the building. Once the building is complete, it is also important to have the drawing of the building as it. This means drawing the image of the building capturing all details from rooms, corridors, fire exits and other simple yet important details.

The as built drawings mostly are done by professional in the construction field using the latest application. With the rise of technology, many drawing application have been developed thus making it easy for coming up with as drawings that shows he correct measurements of the building. These application gives the 3D vision making it easy for one to relate with the building even before entering the real building. As built drawings are important and it becoming a need for every owner of a building to come up with such drawing. As built drawings have many benefits and this article will discuss some of them.

As built drawing helps the to be clients evaluate the building even before entering the building to have a look of the building. The owner of the building can come up with the As built drawing so that he or she can be taking through the clients on paper even without going to the main building. This helps the owner of getting a deal closure without much work of doing building rounds with the future clients. This helps the owner to save on time and be able to run other important personal errands. It also give the client less time as compared to physical visiting the building and check the details of the building. The As built drawing favors both the owner and the to be clients when it comes to saving time.

The As built drawing shows the details of the building from different stairs case used to access the building from different sides and also the drawings shows where all the fire exists are located per each floor. The 3D drawing of the As built drawing gives a clearer picture to the way out and way in no matter which side of the building one is at any given time. This means that clients will have it easy when it comes to movement from one floor to another and from in and out of the building especially for the new clients. The drawings also shows clearly where fire exits are across the building. This makes it easy for the people inside the building to know where to exist from when such incident occurs. Some of the fire exits are not easily noticeable but in the drawing one will be able to tell where the fire exit is located. This means that with the As built drawing helps save life.

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